Monday, May 12, 2008

Get rid with Viruses on your PC

Is your computer 100% virus free? Well think again because I thought my computer is protected with my anti virus but I found out that there was a trojan virus on it. Every time I scan my computer if there are viruses it always ends up clean but I suspected there is something on my computer because my yahoo messengers do not work.

Do you have the same problem with your PC? Are you sick of the viruses that are a pest on you PC? Then follow what I did on my PC.

1. You must have a µTorrent. If you have none yet, try to search "utorrent" on a search engine and then download one.

2. Now that you have µTorrent. Search again on a search engine "torrent trojan remover" and download it and save it to your pc. Or simply go to

3. Open the µTorrent and then drag the "trojan remover" on it. Wait till the download completes. When the download is complete, right click on it and choose the open containing folder. You will see a zip folder on it; unzip it so that you can open the folder.

4. Open the Setup folder and then run setup exe. IMPORTANT: Do not run yet and do not update, just uncheck both.

5. Open the Crack folder and then copy files "rmt.dta" and "Rmvtrjan" to installation directory (where you save the Trojan remover). Maybe it is in C:\Program Files\Trojan Remover. Allow it to overwrite originals.

6. Now run the app and make appropriate updates. Scan and have fun.