Sunday, June 1, 2008

Smoking: A daily concern

Smokers tend to live their lives in smoking. We all know that smoking kills but why more and more people become and remain smokers? For what I have observe new generation smoke because they want to be in on what people usually do and other reasons involved depression. Smokers can't quit smoking because it feels good and it satisfy the mind of the smokers. Here are some tips to stop smoking.

1. Must have a will power to quit smoking.
2. Do not stop immediately because it will just cause failure. Try to lessen the cigarettes that you intake until you fully get rid of it. Example, stop buying boxes of cigarettes and if you smoke 10 sticks a day, try to make it 8 sticks then after a week try 5 sticks until you do quit it.
3. Switch to coffee or herbal tea instead of cigarettes.
4. Try to change your routing by exercising and giving time for gym.
5. Stay away from people or places that will tempt you to smoke, counseling will be a great help.

It is great to enjoy life without cigarettes.


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